About the factory

LLC “Oil & gas equipment factory” is an enterprise with full technological cycle, producing pipeline fittings. The first 3 years of business left on the study of the pipeline fittings and market development, selection of qualified staff, increasing the capital, creation of a database on suppliers and consumers of these products.

The products of a factory are used as locking devices for transportation pipelines:
- Water, steam, oil and liquid non-aggressive oil products with temperatures up to 425 C (for the steel valves 20L and 20 GML), and also for the natural gas with temperature up to 120C; with temperature up to 565 C (for valves made of steel 10H18N9L);
- Oil and oil products with the temperature up to 80 C;
- Water, steam, oil and non-aggressive liquid oil products with the temperature up to + 300C;
- Liquid and gaseous ammonia with the temperature up to + 200C;
- Fluid of fire-extinguishing systems, including foam solutions with the temperature of up to +80 C.
Installation of electro slag casting and other equipment allows the factory to produce locking equipment of any complexity.
Basic principles that “Oil & gas equipment factory” uses in its work — are primarily constant updating and modernization of industrial base, using the latest technological progress.
Another important requirement – company’s production must fully comply with the safety of its operation, including environmental security. The quality of the product is confirmed by certificates of compliance.
The company does not stop; the management of the company has outlined new ways of development. The basic direction of the factory — modernization of production and establishment release of new products, introduction of modern software, automation of the production, expansion and conquest of the sales market, stabilization of the economic situation and development of the company.
In the context of a long-term modernization program of production facilities is replaced about 20% of metalworking, welding equipment.
Also the company purchased 26 units of equipment with numerical program control which process the spherical surfaces of ball valves up to DN 100, produce reducer gear shafts
with the help of trapezoidal thread, realize the mechanical processing of flanges for wedge plugs and ball valves.
One of the new areas of factory — production and introduction of new items of the products, so in May 2011 the factory released ball valve DN-800 PN 40. Over the last 3 years the factory started to produce about 40 units of standard sizes of new technologies.
Among them, the wide range of valves for oil and gas, such as DN 400, DN 500, DN 700, DN 800 for different pressure, wedge plugs up to 25.0 MPa, and also mastered the manufacturing of wedge plugs for the pressure from 32 to 350 MPa.
The achievement of the stated goals is impossible without standardization. So since 2006 an integrated management system started to develop and implement. It includes the quality system, occupational health and safety management system, according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
The main tasks of “Oil & gas equipment factory” in the field of quality are:
-Introduction new progressive types of technologies, rise the stability processes.
-Modernization of production, the introduction of new technologies.
-Quality control at all stages of the production cycle.
-The account and analysis of emerging inconsistencies.
-Introduction the quality management system processes.

Oil & gas equipment factory

From 26 to 29 October 2010 “Oil & gas equipment factory” has become a member of PCVEXPO-2010 exhibition.
Stand was visited by representatives of different organizations oil and gas complex of Russia. There were lots of negotiations with customers, commercial entities during the exhibition. To all interested visitors the company gave maximum information about the factory and its products.
There demonstrated such exhibits as: ball valve DN700 PN100 domestic manufacture, parallel-slide valve DN 400 PN 150 (ON.30.150-400), steel wedge plug DN400 PN250 (ON.10.250-400). In addition, the factory also introduced specific products of own production – tee pips, end caps, increasers and various details of pipelines at high pressure of over 100 atmospheres.
The “blue chip” of “Oil & gas equipment factory” — is staff. The company’s management believes that the success of its business entirely dependent on people working in it. That is why the main focus of personnel policy of the company is to increase the efficiency of work and personal interest of the employees.
LLC “Oil & gas equipment factory” is a dynamically developing company that is interested in searching for and attracting to the production self-motivated, enthusiastic and creative people who know how to work in a team, ready to improve professional knowledge and experience.
From 2008 to 2011 due to the expansion of the Company’s business number of personnel of “Oil & gas equipment factory” has grown, reaching 545 people.
Employees are provided with social package, which includes voluntary medical insurance, free meals, financial assistance, free transport to the factory, free food in the canteen, bonuses, benefits for childcare, accident insurance, gifts for employees and their children for the holidays, raising qualifications, mandatory training on the general requirements of industrial safety and rules of labor protection.
“Oil & gas equipment factory” cooperate with different institutions of Omsk: Training College №22, 20, State Technical University. The company provides students the opportunity to pass diploma practice at the factory, to get practical skills and reinforce the theoretical knowledge.
Students who have proved themselves through practice are invited to work at the factory. So in 2011 it was decided to invite 11 graduates. In the process of learning of young specialists has developed and implemented a mentoring program.
Traditionally, on the Day of the oil and gas industry for the factory staff, company management usually organizes public concerts, where outstanding employees win prizes, valuable presents and receive awards.