Ball valve

“Oil & gas equipment factory” offers new product — high-pressure ball valve DN 50-700 PN 20-80 MPa for aggressive fluid.
High-pressure ball valves are intended for use as locking devices on main, process pipelines, and other equipment with explosive zones of all classes according to the Rules of Electrical Facilities Maintenance, in regions with seismic activity up to 9 points on a 12-point scale MSK-64.

Operating fluid: liquid, gaseous aggressive and middle aggressive with the temperature from -60 ° C to +425 ° C, with a high content of hydrogen sulphide, methanol.

Climatic category: HL1 (ambient temperature from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C, operating on the open air).

Leak-proofness: A, GOST R 54808-2011.


Parts and assembly units Material:
Body frame steel 08H18N10T
Stop plug 20GML + Cr steel 30 mm
Spindle rod 08H18N10T
40H + Cr steel 30 mm 08H18N10T, 14H17N2
Flanges , GOST 9399-81 (threaded)

Construction of flow section of the body: a free pass (providing the passage of cleaning and diagnostics devices).

Flow friction characteristic: not more than 0.02.

End connection to the pipeline: welded, flanged.
Management: with manual control (reducer), with the electric drive.
At the Customer’s request it is possible to produce and supply above-ground valves, with collapsible body, with counter flanges, with the drill spool adaptors with set of spare parts, with the use of other types of steels, drive types, sizes and other operating pressures.
Installation position of valves on the pipeline: for valves with a nominal diameter of DN 300 – any position, except the drive down on a horizontal as well as a vertical pipeline, for valves with a nominal diameter of more than DN 300 — drive up with a deviation from vertical no more than 10 °C on a horizontal pipeline.

Durability: 30 years.

Warranty period: 24 months from the date of putting into operation, but not more than 36 months from the date of the shipment.
High pressure ball valves are made of all-welded body, with fixed to foundation stop plug, spindle with sealing assembly.

At the Customer’s request, the whole range of ball valves “Oil & gas equipment factory” can equip with electric drive or pneumatic drive of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Ball valve for the above-ground mounting in internal piping

LLC “Oil & gas equipment factory” has developed and improved the construction of the ball valve with internal piping. The special feature of the construction is that the flushing water supply pipeline and pipelines filling the valve structurally locates inside the body of the ball valve and its crane pillar.
This construction helps to protect pipelines against external mechanical impacts during transportation, loading and unloading, installation and operation.
Valve can be used with the mechanical (manual) drive, electric drive, gas-over-oil drive(GOD), as well as with electrohydraulic drive (EHD).

Climatic category: HL1 (ambient temperature from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C, operating on the open air).